Saturday, August 24, 2013

Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt is my favorite female singer, I have always thought she had a great voice.  I had her albums from the 60s and 70s, and then purchased the CDs when they came out.  I loved the fact that Glenn Frye and Don Henley, plus two others who went on to become the Eagles, were her backup band in the very early 1970s.  She had multiple platinum albums throughout that decade and recorded covers of songs previously recorded by the Rolling Stones, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Eagles and others.  And to top off all that talent - she was attractive!

In the 1980s she went on to other, less rock/popular music projects, including songs of Mexican folk music.  She is part Mexican and had written the song "Lo Siento Mi Vida" on the Hasten Down the Wind album - one of my favorites.  She has produced many more projects and won many awards throughout the past 4 decades.  In the 1990s, she adopted 2 children, first a girl, then a boy, although she has never married. 

I read something today that saddened me.  There is a report that she has Parkinson's and can no longer sing.  What a shame that this fine artist has been silenced and is unable to participate in an art that she has produced and loved for decades.

She has written a book called "Simple Dreams", a title of one of her best-selling albums, which is due out in a few weeks.  I know I'll be watching for that.

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  1. Shep Cooke, the Folk Rock Prodigy from the 70's, Announces the Launch of Digital Versions of His First Two Solo Albums.-Linda Ronstadt, Tom Waits, Stone Poneys
    The world of music was introduced to Shep Cooke in the early 60's, when he performed with the rock group The Dearly Beloved. Fascinated by Shep's music, eleven time Grammy winner Linda Ronstadt persuaded Shep to join her now legendary folk rock group, The Stone Poneys.