Friday, October 4, 2013

Hurricane Season


Hurricane season this year has been very strange - I really shouldn't say anything until it's all over, but the thought just hit me this morning as I looked at a weather chart with only one system in the entire Atlantic area - and it's only a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico.

While I was cruising, I'd sit at the radio in the morning and again in the evening and listen to the weather reports.   I would write down the location and other details of each weather system that was reported, then I would know how they developed and where they were moving to.  I remember having 3 or 4 weather systems in my notebook at any one time.  And it would go on like that for months, it seemed.

Of course, I was a sitting duck at that time, so I was much more tuned into the weather systems.  Now, I'm living in a house on land, and having sold my last boat, don't have to worry about a boat.  But, old habits die hard, and I'm still watching the weather coming out of Africa.  It's been very spooky this year, not much has been happening.  It's all about wind shear, African dust, dry air plus some magic and possibly some voodoo. 

Let's hope that this season will just fade away and not create any havoc - I think we deserve an easy year.

Betty Karl

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  1. Old habits die hard, indeed. Doing the same. Bizarre weather this summer. Even the mets cannot figure out how they were so the budget crunch continues and even worsens, and their tools i.e. satellites, computer studies and many others get short shrift, it's going to be harder than ever to diagnose weather events. Global warming wreaking havoc....changing everything. For me, as now landlocked as well, all I need is rain for my garden. Kind of peaceful and strangely boring all the same.