Sunday, November 22, 2015

Haulout in San Carlos, Mexico

This is a small portion of the marina in San Carlos on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.  Lots of nice boats.  I was at the marina this morning and was able to see the rig they use for hauling boats.  In the States and the Eastern Caribbean, all I have ever seen were the large Travelifts with the canvas slings.

What they are using here is a giant, heavy-duty boat trailer type rig with built in jack stands. 

Since the storage yard was not at the marina, it goes down the main road in town for storage.  There is a small pickup with a "wide load" sign (in Spanish) leading the boat, which is pushed by this Caterpillar. 

I found out they also do sailboats with this same setup.  I didn't check, but I would assume there are no overhead wires to worry about, since I saw the storage yard and the masts were still stepped.  Interesting and totally different from what I've seen.

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