Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bait and switch ads?

 Baby Mangrove.
I realize that my photos sometimes (mostly) do not reflect what I'm writing about here, but they're probably better than a picture of this subject...

Last November 15, I went into Dick's Sporting Goods to purchase something that was advertised on the internet and in their local sales flier.  They didn't have any of the item left.   I went to the front counter to get a rain check and the girl commented that she knew exactly what I wanted, she had been writing those tickets all week.  I should have known then.....

It is now January, they have not called me to say that the items had arrived and I could come to pick them up.  OK, almost two months seems like enough time to get stock in.  I called the store today and was informed that they haven't had any of those items in since early November.  I asked her if they had any in at the beginning of the sale of the item.  I got what I'd call a non-answer, some mumbling about them running out of them quickly.  This was supposedly a "manager" I was speaking with. 

I then asked her if they expect any of the items in within the next month and she stated that she had no idea and the buying was all done by the corporate office.  Yes, Dick's Sporting Goods is quite a big organization, you'd think they would have fantastic buying power.  By that time, I knew I most likely was not going to be able to use that rain check at their store, the price had probably gone up dramatically and they were not willing to honor the lower price. 

I was somewhere else this morning and saw those exact items for sale at a dealer that was not a large organization.  That reminded me that Dick's never called me about those items.   Obviously, that dealer probably doesn't have the same buying power as Dick's does.  So, if that local dealer could find that product available to stock, why can't Dick's?

Anybody have that same type of experience at Dick's?  Elsewhere?

Betty Karl

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