Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vandalism Warning

Someone in my neighborhood went around this evening, it had to be after 5:30, and taped folded notes to our doors.  I went out to the car to get something and noticed it.  It said that a few cars in the neighborhood had been vandalized the night before, and things stolen from them.  Supposedly, the police have told them that none of the vehicles were locked.  The note says the police will patrol more often.  That’s good, since they almost never patrol here unless they pull someone over on the main road and they pull in here to get their ticket.  Or they’re checking out the pedophile who used to live here, but since he died, they don’t check up on him anymore.  So, they really don’t patrol in here much at all.  Also, our “security” people will be patrolling – I’ve heard we have them, but I’ve never seen any security people around here.  I think they’re a myth.  
I was home,  lights were on, I wonder why they didn’t ring the bell or knock to let me know that there’s a problem here.  I could have found the notice tomorrow morning when I went to work.  It really doesn’t matter, since I always lock my car – ever since I saw a movie where some guy was mad at someone and opened the guy’s car door to take a leak inside.   

The message also says to report to the policy anyone who does not belong here or who is suspicious.  Half my neighbors are suspicious, so I’m just not looking. 

I’m hoping this silly message doesn’t keep me awake listening for noises in the dark.  My cat sure wouldn’t be much help with a burglar – she would just yawn and curl up again.  I’m sure it’s just kids from a few blocks over, they always shortcut through here. 

I’m not worried.   I don’t really think I am.  Well, maybe just a little, after all, I just got that “new” car a few months ago. 


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  1. I'm suprised nobody reported the "Snoop Sisters" rifling thru people's curbside trash on garbage pick up day .... just sayin'. LOL.